Eurofighter: one billion euros for a new radar contract.

November 19th, 2014

The four European nations who develop the Eurofighter announced Wednesday that they would spend one billion euros to equip aircraft with a new radar. Representatives of the Ministers of defence of the Germany, the Spain, the Italy and the United Kingdom have signed this contract in Edinburgh, Scotland. It must allow integration on the device of a new generation radar told active antenna and baptized Captor E, said in a statement the Eurofighter consortium, which brings together the European Airbus Group, the British BAE Systems and the Italian Finmeccanica. Radar goes further to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Eurofighter Typhoon and, with the recent announcements on the improvement of its armaments, demonstrates the commitment of partners in order to maintain the status of the device as multi role of world class fighter, said for his part the British Ministry of defence. BAE Systems announced separately that its share of the contract was 365 million pounds (about 457 million euros). The share of Airbus Defence & Space reaches 300 million euros, said a spokesman. The new radar is supposed to further improve the capabilities and attractiveness on the international market of the Eurofighter, said BAE Systems, the number one European defence. It will substantially improve the opportunities to export of Eurofighter, abounded Berndt Wünsche, responsible for aircraft at Airbus. The Eurofighter Typhoon is indeed trying to seduce new clients abroad to secure its future. But the competition is tough, facing devices the Americans Boeing and Lockheed Martin, as well as the Rafale of french Dassault Aviation or the Swedish Saab Gripen. It is a major step in the development of the Eurofighter, praised Martin Taylor, Director in charge of air combat at BAE Systems systems. The unit has been built from the outset bearing in mind the possibility of improving its capabilities and this is proof that we are developing to maintain its relevance today and in the future, he added. . Extended information can be found visiting

Foggia: ceiling collapses, worker died under the rubble.

November 19th, 2014

Fatal accident this afternoon after 13 podo in Foggia. A worker died after being swept from the rubble caused by the collapse of the ceiling of a house under renovation in a a central cross via Matteotti. The man was working in the building, which is located in the old part of the city, when he was surprised by the collapse and overwhelmed from the rubble of a perimeter wall. The victim’s body, the 55-year-old Rosario Buonpensiero, was retrieved with difficulty by firefighters who arrived on the spot. In fact, firefighters had to work several hours before finding the precise point where the body was found. For him, holder of an individual company for moving Earth, now there was nothing more to do. Initially there was talk of a possible second worker could be remained under the rubble, but the news was denied. Currently checks are being carried out by technicians to ensure any injury to surrounding buildings the building where the tragedy occurred. . Similar info can be read clicking

Contracts for School Marshals, Verdini to judgement.

November 19th, 2014

New trial in Rome to Italy force Senator, Denis Verdini. The gup Cinzia Parasporo has returned to court to contest in corruption in relation to the contract for the Marshals in Florence, to the requests of the pm Cristina Fantoni. The process will start on April 10 before the judges of the Criminal Division of the Court 7. The investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome which involved Verdini concerns the contest in bribery of different subjects including, in addition to the Coordinator of the PdL, Angelo Balducci and Fabio De Santis (acting as public officials working at the Tourism Department of the Presidency of the Council), Francesco De Vito Piscicelli and Riccardo Fusi. The accusation is by participating in public procurement and contracts, as the realization of the school police Marshals in Florence, in violation of custody rules of public procurement. Everything was born from an inspection of the Bank of Italy on the Credito Cooperativo bank operating in Florence, Tuscany. The Bank of Italy report states that the Board of Directors of the Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino would handle banking resources "so contrary to the principles of sound and prudent management ‘ and even ‘ with the same strategic guidelines that the Board had given earlier». Surveys show that Riccardo Fusi, dominus of Baldassini, Tognozzi and Pontello (important Tuscan building company) was at the Centre of a network of complex relationships that could count on the support of institutional Balducci, at the Presidency of the Council and the Ministry of infrastructure and Denis Verdini for Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino. Verdini, according to reconstruction of the investigators, he also offered to special reports as Zone Coordinator of Pdl. According to the hypothesis, Balducci and accusatory De Santis were obtained from Fused a promise to get the 2% of the value of the contract if the contract for the construction of barracks for the carabinieri had been reassigned to the Baldassini, Tognozzi and Pontello (previously had been expelled in favor of the company Astaldi), or if the same company was awarded compensation for the unlawful exclusion from the contract. . You can read the following source to discover extra on this great topic.

New album all the time now: Herbert Grönemeyer can dance now.

November 19th, 2014

The songs sound a little like sting (me early), even a little bit after American singer-songwriter (I love me through). There is a World Cup anthem (the Löw) and even a dance remix. But of course every piece of 100 percent is Herbert Grönemeyer, even if he does not sing (approach). The 58 is and remains the King of ballad. And maybe even a little patriotism debate brings his love song on Germany (our country). Grönemeyer itself is beyond all doubt. None turns the German language so beautiful without compromising each authenticity. And since the late of 1970s. Therefore, or maybe because he has even sipped on the bubbly, Grönemeyer teases to the common album-listening to the most relaxing: I klimper’ so before me, he describes the song formation process, which begins with him as with all great singers with the music. Then I get up, call friends, then I eat what, then I again put myself at the piano and what klimper. It was like a jigsaw puzzle, such as an image that I paint. And sometimes, in the River, he realize then Oh, that was wise. And then I start to sing and realize that was nothing. Annette Humpe incidentally, song number eleven wrote: agreed. Garcia is really in the best mood for chatting, as he faces the elegant bar in the black jacket over a black T-Shirt. When I’m particularly happy, blathering I very much and think of myself as particularly funny. And because I’m so prominent, people laugh too. Of course they laugh, even as he that says: I’m thinking not much on my plate. There but rather in the hope he may please joke. Finally having read into it always so much of themselves in these texts. Felt himself understood. But he will not let loose: some words are just there because there ‘ is a gap. He laughs alone. Then, after all: the album title all the time now, the hot may, the moment to stretch, to fall, it’s okay as it is. Appreciative clapping. . You should read the following to discover extra on this great matter.

“In 50 years I changed my life, and I became a citizen of the world.

November 19th, 2014

Manuela Macori is an architect, specialist in materials technology. A fast career in a large company, a multinational, money, accolades and accomplishments. Until the day when the company was sold to a German group. Within a few months everything has changed: colleagues transferred or forced to resign. Within two years, in the Rome Office, leading up to that point in the field, there was none. Manuela 50 years and had a son. Hard to start again. The job offers came, but demeaning: a role were less than half of what it was before. A cooling-off period, then the decision, apparently insane. "There is a time to be tree and one to be dugout» Polynesian proverb says," and even if the tree is not ever really been-tells Manuela-I felt that time to explain the sails to the wind had come. It is not easy to leave a life, get away from it all, close home and away. There is always something you’re chasing, you ruin the road, an inconvenience, a recommended be withdrawn, a fee to be paid; We must organize more than good to pull out and, in my case, this happened progressively. " In his previous life, as architect, Manuela had grown another passion: traveling. One country after another, an adventure after another, further and further until it had become Coordinator of Adventures around the world. A minor for a professional, but a recognition of his desire to see remote lands. And the Coordinator has a small advantage: since the organization falls on his shoulders, doesn’t have to pay for the trip. So Manuela began her second life. Among disappointments and new discoveries. A journey after another, then the choice: New Caledonia. Shame that the capital Noumea is a replica in the sixteenth of Monte Carlo. Then away, while from Italy continued to rain problems, bureaucratic and financial. Until the decisive moment: an offer to lead a group in Polynesia, which already knew. Offer accepted, and after touring the decision: we stopped in Tahiti. "I think I’m going to settle in Tahiti when I have no more strength to travel: the island is rich in traditions and culture but also wild, where I just get to be involved in a new venture-Manuela-continued at the moment is the basis of my explorations, from where I leave for my long laps in the Islands; I visit many Polynesian triangle in neighboring stalls, I’m going to continue until I can. Slowly I stripped all superstructures linked to our civilization, do not come more identified as an Italian and that makes me happy, even if I really care to our culture. I feel, now more than ever, inhabitant of the world. A life without too many complications, where you can meet a Minister barefoot flowered shirt and walking to the beach and have a chat with him. Nothing but the blue car in Rome with their sirens blaring. And started to explain and share his experiences in a blog before ilgrandesognodimanu @ wordpress. com then edilsognocontinua @ wordpress. com, which now has more than 10,000 contacts, much to recall even the attention of Rai. Now they travel, but also the desire to convey the Polynesian culture in Italy with a dedicated page on Facebook, where you explain the traditions, culture and local dances. "I changed my lifestyle, I no longer have a house where live year-round, support me here and there, looking for accommodation that I give the freedom to leave quickly. I try to be as much as possible in contact with the locals and are successful, meeting exceptional people everywhere. I learned to travel with only carry-on luggage, carrying with me the indispensable and washing every evening the clothing worn during the day. It seems harsh, but there are few things that really we need! To return the great and lasting happiness that this new life around the Pacific, I’m invested with a mission: to make known to my countrymen the world Polynesian that so fascinates me. Who only comes to the beaches and the beautiful sea is lost a lot, but if you come with an open heart and you are ready to receive, then you can become the protagonists of an extraordinary adventure, "says Manuela enthusiast. At faa’a, Tahiti’s popular district, land planes, as in Fiumicino. But Roma now is a reminder and faa’a is home. Waiting for the next year, when there will be the quadrennial festival of Marquesas Islands, with a series of parties, all free of charge. Not exactly like in Rome, where Manuela back every year to see his son, now an adult and independent, and from where he escaped as soon as possible. «Cafe: screaming this word you receive guests to the Marquesas Islands. Listen carefully, open your heart, let us imbue traditions. Accoglici. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something, I am not surprised of how people live in contact with the wonderful nature of these islands, accettandosi for what they are, dressed in a great spontaneity. Never been happier in my life! Just look at my photos that speak for themselves: my smile is deep, the corners of my lips rise upward, more every day. " . For additional information regarding this matter visit

Covoitureuses drugged and abused: driver indicted.

November 19th, 2014

The man was in great emotional loneliness, according to the Prosecutor’s office of Nantes. Without doubt one of the reasons for which he allegedly drugged and abused passengers that he had in carpooling. He has been indicted yesterday for administration of harmful substances with premeditation and sexual assaults, rapporteOuest-France. The Nantais of 49 years was arraigned Monday and acknowledged slipped pills of anxiolytics reduced powder in chocolate bars he proposed to its passengers, often aged 20 to 30 years, all handpicked. And after the Prosecutor, he them tended the plate early in the journey, and heavily insisted that they eat. An unreported case for Blablacar an investigation for administration of illegal substances and sexual assaults had been opened following a filing of complaint from a young woman, who had a ride with him in February, between Saint-Omer (Pas-de-Calais) and Le Mans. Taken from Vertigo, the young woman had been admitted to the emergency room, where doctors had detected traces of anxiolytics. Two complaints were filed in total against the man who covoituré at least 50 people. The man acknowledged touching thighs, buttocks or chest of young girls. But according parquet, it took no consciousness of the scope of its acts or have done harm to the victims. In any case, the case can introduce a degree of mistrust towards the carpool sites, which are based primarily on a contract of trust between the passenger and the sharer,. The man used the site Blablacar, and according to the public prosecutor, comments indicated yet on his online profile bizarre behavior, such as the fact that the driver was travelling very slowly, sometimes at 90 km/h on the highway. According to Blablacar, this case is unprecedented, and any other aggression is to be deplored. The website indicates have collaborated with investigators in this case, so that the deviant behaviours are punished.   . For additional facts on this subject click

If the Holy City is the field of war.

November 19th, 2014

Already the Hammurabi code of the second millennium before Christ had given a name to what is happening today in Jerusalem: law of talion. I.e., an eye for an eye. The massacre in the synagogue of the Jewish western part of the city is just the latest episode and the bloodiest in order of time, a clash that experts are unsure whether or not to call a third Intifada. However you define it, is an extremely dangerous escalation of nationalistic violence between Israelis and Palestinians, between ethnic Arab Palestinians and Israeli Jews, between religious Jews and Muslims: in its destructive potential and possible consequences, even worse than the long summer war in the Gaza Strip. Especially since the battlefield is Jerusalem, which is considered capital and Holy City for too many people and too many faiths. And even more so because before being a battle between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority or Israel and Hamas, is a conflict fought by people. Before the soldiers and militiaman, traditional subjects of conflicts, the enemy is the passer, the motorist, the people of the neighborhood next, students coming from schools that demonizes the other’s History. The prodrome of yesterday’s terrorist attack at the synagogue are lost in the memory of the brief Chronicle of the last month: the Rabbi that without consulting with the authorities was defiantly went between the mosques of the Esplanade, in the old town; the Palestinian climbed on his car that has invested in Israeli citizens a tram; the Israeli policeman with the rifle shoots without reason the Palestinian kid; the father of the Palestinian family that stabs an Israeli girl. On Monday, the day before the massacre to the synagogue, in the garage of the public transportation of Jewish West Jerusalem, a Palestinian driver was found hanged on his bus. The Israelis say suicide, the Arabs say lynching. It is not an attempt to justify the aggression yesterday. It’s just an addition to that history is bringing Jerusalem to catastrophe. The day before Hamas calls on Arabs in Jerusalem to take revenge, and the next day the retaliation happens. Perhaps behind the attacks there is a surreptitious and logistics management. But they are no longer so necessary to turn these robots of DIY, terrorism or terrorism next door: sexy journalistically definitions out there. There is nothing that can stop them unless you Presidia every corner of Jerusalem; and Shin Bet, the internal security service, not put an agent in every Palestinian house and in every Jewish colony. As much as you hate and live divided, in an area so small, however, Israelis and Palestinians share a large part of their daily lives. For those you raise walls and read on the nation-State of the Jewish people to do for distorting the democratic essence of the country, the 20% of the population of Israel consists of Arabs: Arabs, namely Palestinians of Israel, in addition to the Palestinians of the occupied territories. The Israeli Government announces new colonies in the Arab part of the city and Hamas urging the Arabs of Jerusalem to revenge permanent, are just the easy instigators of the incident. It is painful to read the comments of Israeli and Palestinian political leaders, left and right, secular and religious: anyone who attempts to stand above the fray, worried to please the bowels of their constituents. Think of the behavior of Hamas which continues to throw Palestinian lives in the cauldron of his no-win war; or that every time Israel rade on the ground the houses of families of terrorists: knows that there is nothing, which makes only stronger hatred, but continues to do so too, for spirit of feud and poverty of the most original ideas of the usual use of force. As once said in this newspaper the Israeli philosopher Avishai Margalit, who a few years ago went to teach at Princeton and is no longer returned to Jerusalem, in this story the politics has disappeared long ago. There is only ethnic and religious confrontation, fighting between two tribes which in over one hundred years after their occurrence have not yet found the solution for a modest living. . For extra information about this topic read

‘Rowan’ will punch up to 3,000 meters the Canaries seabed.

November 16th, 2014

The coordinates 28 33′ 34 "N; 13 11′ 36 "w mark a point of the oc Atl year romantic from which is attained not spotted any coast. Until recently some I wasn’t m s one place either in the middle of a sea, a wave that is not going anywhere. But never a banal and silent space in alg n site halfway between Fuerteventura and Morocco has aroused so many mixed emotions, has moved many interests and has created both this and riot. It is the point where start n ma ana the first surveys in search of petr leo in Canarian waters. While engineers, ge logos and exploration experts n and n of hydrocarbons production include project safety and its economic advantages Muscovites and strategic strategic for the country; IB logos, ornit logos and ocean graphs show their concerns about the possible environmental impact that may have the scan n petrol fera on marine ecosystems and the fauna and flora associated with them. Adem s, environmentalists not tremble to the be wing the risk of a possible accident that turns into a black tide from occurring. The platform ‘Deepwater Horizon’, property of the company to BP, in the Golfo de M xico in 2010 is a very recent n. Although one disaster environmental occurred during phase e n of crude oil production and not in the scan n or investigaci n as which begin these d as Repsol in the Canary Islands, a time when sec n the experts of the industry, the risk of an accident is much lower. A possible scenario of producci n de petr leo in the Canary Islands is too distant to n. And, according to the odds of success that manages the company to tica energ espa ola, seems a bit complicated. For the first well exploration which pierce the Rowan Renaissance from ma ana, which corresponds to the Sand project, Repsol experts estimate a probability of success geol magic of 19%. I.e., that there is an 81% chance of to the company to not find anything or that find petr leo or gas, but non-econ thermically viable by the low quality of the resources or technical difficulty to remove. Zero risk does not exist, says Jorge Navarro, President of the Asociaci n Ge logos and Geof basic Espa oles de Petr leo (AGGEP). But the technology exists for drilling in deep waters from the os 50, to ade. Those responsible for the project are running in the same address n. We work with all security measures to ensure that the possibility of a spill in the phase of research n be pr practically null, explains Luis goat. The project has the maximum level of security that this industry has today, insists. The director of the Center for technology in Repsol, Fernando early, go m’s all: no ning n risk of spill in scan n polls, says. However, the sector m s tico cr project, after analyzing the disclosure n of environmental impact, ensures that there are aspects that are not met the requirements demanded by United States in its territory. Experts of the company to tica energ espa ola deny it and ensure has a demand for greater security to any required in the world. In the Canary Islands we wanted not fail to install nothing, even if it is novel and not mandatory, can be installed to improve security, explains goat. The ge logos do not explain the reluctance to a project that so s will investigate whether or not there is hydrocarbon in Canarian waters. C mo will give even to know whether there are or not petr leo in our territory?, asks Jorge Navarro. Even in the course of exploration n polls to find hydrocarbons in one of the two points that you punch n from ma ana, the petr leo or Canarian gas not be an in the streets up to the a you 2018 or 2019, as soon. And that after passing through the disclosure process again n of environmental impact. But, meanwhile, by those same waters sail every day between 5 and 6 supertankers loaded with crude oil towards Europe. Between 150 and 180 vessels each month. . For more insights about this matter click article.

IDU: inducted president, Lagarde wants a popular party.

November 15th, 2014

Two years ago, Jean-Louis Borloo launched IDU mutuality (Ve arrondissement of Paris), before having to withdraw from political life. Saturday, it is in this same room that his successor, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, officially took office after a hotly internal election. The opportunity for activists to come together around a man less well-known that the former Minister, who has him, simply to send a message of congratulations from the Morocco. Borloo known but when we talk about Jean-Christophe Lagarde,. In the dawn, tomorrow we will wonder who it is, when I say that I was at his meeting!, recognizes Catherine, 60, activist for a year. Despite its three mandates of Deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis and a city, Drancy, where he is routinely praised since 2001, Jean-Christophe Lagarde a deficit of notoriety. A problem to bring new activists? No, IDU must focus on the proposals, not on the leaders, meets Yves Jego, former Minister and candidate for the Presidency of the UDI. We need charismatic personalities but above all rallying, supported Stanislas, 20 years, new Member come especially Nice. . For more insights regarding this topic check

Lackluster European Championship qualifiers: against Spain, it needs more ideas.

November 15th, 2014

What football fans to see received on Saturday night at the Nuremberg Stadium, often reminded of handball: A team defends with man and mouse, the other plays with the ball to the penalty box until a gap is and then one then shoots the ball on goal. But in fact, it was football, which was played there. The team from Gibraltar stood mostly with nine men on the own penalty area, the German offensive player lurked, but too often nothing occurred to them. The World Cup in Brazil seemed already very long ago this autumn evening in Nuremberg. Even the players were unhappy in spite of the victory and the three points in the European Championship qualifiers: I would have liked more goals. But when you see the gameplay, it is difficult, because the rooms were very tight. In the second half we could have played more compelling, said Mario Götze. After it had been 3-0 at half-time, there was only a goal scorer from Gibraltar in the second half: Yogan Santos drew the ball in the 67th minute own goal. Rather than a conciliatory goal Festival there were more honest food at the end of the World Cup year. As the three points came, nobody, asks but eh if the Ecq is managed. Only against Spain, must, on Tuesday, need more ideas, the DFB Elf wants to win the game. But against the European champion, is just about prestige. . For more insights on this subject read

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