Visual Exhibition: I like the Possum nails cut.

August 1st, 2014

You will to see a chubby young man in the track suit to forgiven–without a face – alone in his bright red painted apartment the alphabet in anthroposophic style dances, be click to a fully veiled young Muslima, giggling in English explains, how: to eat without ventilate the Niqab, and then maybe an American watch, which shows around flippend in front of the camera, you can – wash that real gold particles from commercially available construction sand for the Klondike-feeling in the garage. At the end he opens the eyes and asks: "Subscribe!" Subscribe to his YouTube channel with self-help tips in the Western style shall we. The do-it-yourself wave like so many guides, craft books and magazines around the do-it-yourself sweep into the shelves of bookstores, the real treasure trove for expert knowledge of all kinds, from the remote to the most mundane Alltagsproblem, special area is the Internet. And YouTube is the favorite stage of self-proclaimed online tutors. It is enough, "How to" type a search term, already Mai a list on with thousands of videos of people who fool somewhere in the world as regards. Students of the University of Witten/Herdecke has urged for an exhibition of Dortmund Hartware media art Association (HMKV), to compile the hundred video clips, which published them on the most interesting, most amazing, most characteristic of the genre – and show more as luxury problems solved in Western industrial nations such as the perfect makeup. The funniest video of this category being one, in attempting to long hair with the straightener in magnificent waves, ends with a streak singed off. This is a moment of truth. "Now I’m helping myself" is the show inspired by the legendary non-fiction series of times, where you still could screwing on the motor of his car, rather than raise the analysis computer in the workshop. Walls, platforms and pallets, all videos run on large and small screens in the exhibition at the same time, it is the total overkill of learning opportunities, bizarre and trivial. But is much more exciting than what you should look out, what the small films almost betrayed under the hand of the living conditions and the self-image of people who keep their faces into the camera. Often enough, it is the own Smartphone. Because most self-help videos are Videoselfies, belongs to the charm of double amateurism of its protagonists: camera people and experts. Why are people doing this?, is the question that raises any sequence. Why is a young, very slim woman in a dance body before a flowered wallpaper and knocks, unpleasant erweise calculated between her bare legs, soft a Pointe Shoes? Her head is not, we don’t know what’s going on in it. The selection is random and not representative, it follows any systematic knowledge interest, but it makes even more amazed about what drives people to, and what they charge to the curriculum. How they improvise in Russia with Aludosenverschlüssen and hangers, how they in Africa bicycle tubes with a Twine repair or demonstrate with what speed you past make it on any doorman. . Original data can be found clicking the following

Michelle Hunziker beautiful MOM in Forte dei Marmi.

July 31st, 2014

(La Presse)-An exceptional physique, so much water under the Sun and a lovely girl that next October 10 will be a year in which stand behind: it is simply that the secret of beauty by Michelle Hunziker, splendid television presenter who has his mom’s primary role on the beach of Forte dei Marmi. Michelle is in Versilia along with fellow Tomaso Trussardi, their daughter Sun and his daughter Aurora, had the December 5, 1996 by Eros Ramazzotti. As always under the lens of the paparazzi, their serenity was affected by an unpleasant episode, which brought them to the carabinieri command strong: Tomaso has indeed suffered the theft of your wallet inside the car parked under the House. But Michelle reacts with a smile when she notices of the shots of the photographers, demonstrating an enviable aplomb. And it is certainly not the only enviable appearance of Michelle: on the beach and in the pool, when he takes off the colorful sundresses to stay in bikini, the presenter has 37 years a physicist from twenty. That however is not sudden: while she was pregnant, last summer, had admitted having to bring attention to the sins of gluttony "because your metabolism is no longer what it used to." After all, even Michelle is human. . Additional text can be read visiting

Milan, the epic of Leonka Pisapia buy social Center.

July 31st, 2014

Brioschi real estate development Spa communicates with a note that today the Clock controlled s. r. l., owner of the building occupied by Watteau’s Untitled 7 in Milan, has signed a unilateral act of obligation that contemplates the commitment to exchange with the city of Milan, the property owned by the municipal real estate via Zama and 18 23 Trivulzio in Milan. The economic equilibrium of permutation-reads-has been evaluated on the basis of an estimate report issued by the competent local Agency. The improvement of the operation shall be subject to favorable resolutions of City Council and the City Council of Milan. Just this morning had been notified to the social centre extension of eviction on 30 September. You start as a conclusion the long story of the place symbol of Milan social centers and beyond. Occupied 20 years ago, the September 8, 1994, accommodation of Watteau, a former paper mill in the area, Greek family owned Cabassi, became the new home of the social centre after the evacuation from the historic via Leoncavallo, no clashes in 1994-after tensions and riots for a first attempted eviction in August 1989, and the brief stint in Solomon Street 71in an industrial warehouse. In recent years, with the slogan ‘ Here I am and here I rest ‘, the social centre has embarked on a path for the regularisation of irregular spaces, providing a ‘ masterplan ‘, complete with renderings, and the proposed new social functions within the Centre in addition to those already active. DE CORATO/Leoncavallo regularized? Well, it catches me unprepared. I have a whole Dossier, that in the next few days will show printing, double-sided pages 80 ‘s on countless social centre violence. Then, I start with all claims of the case. A the Court of Auditors, why you should use controls within buildings there were losses for the Municipality. A the Magistracy, enclosing my dossier. The city is encouraging the violent, that have repeatedly broken and breaking the law. Another complaint concerns the failure to ban. 2012 municipal regulations (so did the new Administration) there is written that assignments take place with how such evidence public. Yet I do not have procedures views. The municipality gives properties in a social centre jumping beautifully onlus, spaces for elderly and honest cultural centers. Then I will ask to be informed about the intended use of the building, why you should use the Municipality shall ensure that rules are followed once the space is his. The Lama will no longer abuse so it’s common to have to enforce the rules: bar service only if the intended use is appropriate and in the face of a license and issuing a receipt, control of decibel, prohibition of the sale of alcohol to minors, certain opening and closing times, accessibility certified and ,. If Pisapia and think they can put a group of violent rule and give him pure grants, payable by taxpayers milanesi, that other citizens and merchants don’t have, they’re wrong big. And when the measure will come in the Council the Mayor expects not a filibustering but a real Viet Nam between agendas and amendments thereto. The States Riccardo De Corato, vice-President of the Council and leader of the brothers of Italy-Alleanza Nazionale in the region. . For more facts regarding this matter click

Selfie: the ad mocks us.

July 31st, 2014

If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best picture ever. #oscars pic. Twitter. com/C9U5NOtGap Samsung denied directly cause of selfie, but reversa to Ellen DeGeneres 3 million euros in charity that she shared between the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Humane Society of the United States. The science of the selfie taught by Avene. The strapline "it’s time to change the angle" can have two meanings: that’s it, you’re on vacation! You have pampered your car for the trip. Your new magic tree smells like vanilla, you are sober, your seat and your mirrors are adjusted, did you forget your seatbelt. It’s fine, you’re in form, in short, everything is fine. You listen loop "Walking on Sunshine". You’re so happy that everyone must know. You get out your smartphone to immortalize your happiness. The selfie is made, it remains only to post it on Facebook, you write all hashtags that pass you through the head and do not see the car coming in front. Too late. This scenario is not a fiction. Recently, a 32-year-old American is killed due to a selfie and Pharrell Williams. . Original facts can be studied clicking the following source.

Israel invokes other reservists. Abu Mazen: Gaza ‘ disaster area ‘.

July 31st, 2014

With a budget that now can be considered the most serious by the war with Lebanon in 2006 (1.363 Palestinians killed and 680 wounded, 7.56 Israeli soldiers died and three civilians) the Israeli operation against the Gaza Strip, on the 24th day of fighting does not stop. Israel would in fact mobilized, Thursday, 31 July, 16 thousand other reservists. The night were recorded new attacks to Bei Lahiya and near Jabaliya refugee camp: a total of two dead and 55 wounded, as confirmed by the Agency Maan. Expect a new UN meeting, while Palestinian President Abu Mazen said Gaza "disaster area" and has urged the international community to protect and assist the Strip. In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon has accused Israel of human rights violations. Meanwhile fifteen Palestinians refugees in a u.n. school in northern Gaza Strip were injured Thursday morning in an Israeli air raid against a mosque located nearby. Waiting for a new meeting of the Security Council, while a delegation of Hamas and Islamic Jihad came to Cairo to discuss an Egyptian initiative for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Netanyahu emphatically: "Israel will not accept any humanitarian Truce to prevent its military to finish the job of destroying tunnels dug by militants across Gaza and which could be used to attack Israel." Israel has called for the Gaza operation, a total of 86 thousand soldiers. The air raids have quickly given way to ground offensive, begun on July 17, that offensive has primarily intended to identify and neutralize tunnels used by Hamas on the border to launch attacks against Israel. Israeli army sources seconds most 32 tunnels were destroyed: they serve a few days to crush others. Associated Press sources say that the new soldiers will be deployed on the front lines, even if there are no new offensives. Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly insisted that he is determined to conclude the mission to destroy tunnels, with or without a ceasefire. It also said Thursday morning, at the opening of the seat of Government in Tel Aviv. This, he added, is the first step towards the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip. At the moment we have neutralized dozens of tunnels. We are determined to continue». Since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Hamas are at least 245 children killed in the Gaza Strip: the dramatic count is of Unicef, in the aftermath of the bombing of the school run by Unrwa, the UN Agency for Palestinian refugees, in Jabalia. According to Anthony Lake, Executive Director of Unicef, «from 23 days, too many children in Gaza live with fear and despair. " Not only that: «the taps are dry and slurry flow onto the streets, while health workers are trying to save lives with little electricity and insufficient medicine». The appeal of Lake is to ensure that the conflicting parties return «common sense», allow humanitarian operators to help all those who need help, and accept to end the attacks. "Now, before the lives of other innocent people go off, even the most innocent of all, the smallest». . Root source may be studied visiting this weblink.

Video: After shelling a UN school: shameful attack on sleeping children.

July 31st, 2014

In the Palestinian territory more than a dozen people were killed on Wednesday when the fire. In regards to Chris Gunness in Jerusalem of the UNRWA spokesman said: we have warned the Israeli army seventeen times, we have indicated precisely them, where the school was that it was always full, that 3000 people have sought protection. And don’t forget: these are people who were told by the Israeli army to flee. Nevertheless, the school was hit. In their buildings, the UN try to offer more than 200 000 people protection from the fighting between Israel and the radical Islamic Hamas. UN Secretary-General condemned Ban Ki moon also as abominable and unjustifiable attack. During a visit to Costa Rica, ban said: there is nothing shameful as attacking sleeping children. According to the UN, it was the fifth UN school which was attacked during the conflict. The reason is that both Israel and the United Nations accuse Hamas, to abuse UN schools as a weapons Depot. Israel also stressed attacks to warn residents among other things by telephone, SMS and with flyers. LOCATION: SAN JOSE (COSTA RICA), JERUSALEM, GAZA closure. Additional info can be inspected checking

Bust of the Government: Argentina – the Thomas Middelhoff among the States.

July 31st, 2014

But it’s going to be more. It is neat legend of Argentina as a victim who is punished for his opposition to an international financial mafia the Buenos Aires (and globalization critics around the globe). A story that at the same time ensuring the political survival Kirchner & co, Because thanks to the evil hedge funds can be admirably distract from the sad truth: that above all the own political elite has to take responsibility for the rapid descent of the country, that even after the second world war among the richest in the world counted. The pleasant side effect: Argentina is now so important for the world economy that the bust will trigger probably no tremors in global financial markets. Who may invest in a country that jumps around with his financial backers? Kirchner’s negative attitude has cost already a multiple of the $1.5 billion the Argentine economy of Argentina, that’s at stake here. Not to mention the humiliation they must endure about themselves-was even an Argentine Navy ship at the urging of creditors already on the chain set. An unworthy cat and mouse game with simultaneous denial of reality. The wallowing in past size given the own descent – and at the end of the bag attachment and bankruptcy are available. Somewhere we know that,. Yes, that’s right: Argentina is the Thomas Middelhoff among the States. . You must check the following fact to read extra on this interesting matter.

Crash of flight of Air Algeria: no body integrates.

July 30th, 2014

On these places of difficult access in the area of Gossi, about 150 kilometres from Gao, every square metre is passed to the comb by these experts: gendarmes, police and a team from the Office of investigations and analyses (BEA), the french public body whose role is to carry out technical investigations to determine the causes of a plane crash. Their mission: collect everything that can be to explain the accident and identify the victims of the crash. There was no survivor among the 118 people who were aboard the plane, including 54 French, 23 Burkina Faso, eight Lebanese, six Algerians, six Spaniards. Laurent Bassindua, whose brother and a friend were killed in the crash, filed a bouquet of flowers to the boundaries of the secure zone and collapsed in pain, he crouched there and prayed, head in hands.  Of the site, it will carry a mixture of ash and sand as a testimony of terror that took place in Gossi reveals. . Extended data can be inspected reading

Tech Side Story: we are digital guinea pigs.

July 30th, 2014

And the makers seem to be very proud. In a blog post, which sounds somehow a bit like gloating, they revealed the brutal truth on Monday: "We perform experiments on people" the entry is dry. OkCupid founder Christian Rudder it explains a whole series of small tests, that has made the page in the past with our help – but without our consent -. In a third series of experiments, OkCupid wanted to can find out, how far users really in the evaluation of potential partners into a profile texts – or whether they pay attention only to the appeal. Also that was easy to manipulate. A group got more from now no texts see only still images. The average rating by users was then compared with the ratings of that users were able to see the profile texts in addition to the photos. And also here showed that we are all superficial, than we like to admit. . For more regarding this topic check

Doctor’s appointments: Waiting for the doctor.

July 30th, 2014

The Government will no longer accept long waiting times. In the future the Medical Association set up therefore so-called appointment service centers, to the sick can have recourse, if the receptionist to long vertr̦stet. These services must within four weeks to find a free doctor or send the patients to the outpatient treatment in the clinic Рso the plan, which will flow into supply law of thought for autumn. The doctors think of this idea, however, little: we reject a central solution, as this raises not only the freedom of the doctor, but runs counter to the desire of many patients, KBV Chairman Andreas streets stressed on Wednesday in Berlin. Many patients wanted to a specific specialist, so streets. Would be so little advanced them a service agent would refer them to another physician. About two-thirds of the survey had indicated in the survey, that is important to them, a very particular specialist to come. Also, only 19 percent of those surveyed complained to long waiting times. The rest apparently had no problem to wait for the appointment. The service centers should find another doctor at a reasonable distance, so the plan. It is unclear what timetable would but reasonable or acceptable. . You can check the following to read extra about this great subject.

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